Tim Davie

Garage Project
Dennis Butters has provided valuable assistance to us as we focus on strengthening and streamlining our supply chain.
A major focus for us is on forming and building mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with our supply chain partners. Dennis aligns well with us in that regard, as he allows us to access advantaged supply chains through the strong supply networks he has in place, and takes care of all the detail.
A recent merchandising project we gave to Dennis required branded bottle openers to be produced to our specification and presented in an attractive point-of-sale pack. Dennis took the time to understand our product and packaging specifications, cost targets, and timing requirements. He kept me well informed throughout the project, was quality and outcome focused, and achieved everything we wanted on time, to specification and within budget.
I will look for opportunities to work with Dennis and his team again, given the success of this last sourcing project.

Tim Davie , Logistics Manager