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Manufacturing in China can be like deconstructing a puzzle...

...don't let a failed first attempt derail your project.

You need a manufacturing partner in consumer electronics who understands their business culture, speaks the language and is on the ground in China

Access Our Team
Get full support from our English-speaking team here in Australia along with the support of our Chinese team on the ground in China controlling the entire process at that end
15+ Years Experience
It’s the only thing we do,
and we’ve gotten very good at it
IP Protection
Through our Proven 3-Pronged Approach
Sound Legal Contracts - written in Chinese for the China legal system
Complete Component Control - throughout the entire supply chain
Strong Supplier Relationships - trust that has been built over many years

Let our clients speak for us

“We got them on board when we had finished the ideation process, we had a prototype and had no idea how to go and mass manufacture this to actually break into the market. That’s really where Dennis and the team shine, is that they can help you on that journey and avoid the pitfalls, it’s the thing that you can only really avoid with experience and that’s experience that you won’t have.”
Kane Sajdak
Co-Founder & CEO HomeGuardian
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