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6. Initial supplier visits – part 2

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Continuing on from our last post, when visiting suppliers we look out for the following:

·          Packing – We want to know whether they will protect products in packing and if there is a risk of loss or something being missed.

·          Storage – While your product awaits shipping, we want to know the likelihood of something getting damaged or getting mixed up with someone else’s order.

·          Relationships – we observe how they treat us as a guide for how interested they are in your business. We also note how they treat their workers as this gives us an insight into staff turnover, which could lead to inconsistency in production.

By being on site, we gain an insight into your supplier that is not possible any other way. By asking the right questions and seeing how suppliers react and respond, we learn how organised they are and whether they are the right people to build an ongoing relationship with.

And all of this means that you can be confident that your suppliers are the best-fit for you and you can have confidence that your product is being treated with care.

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