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4. Searching for your new suppliers – part 2

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As mentioned in our last post, finding the right supplier is essential.

When vetting new suppliers, some of the things we are looking for on your behalf are:

·          Are they too small? This could mean they might lack experience, expertise, machinery, and robust processes and systems, etc.

·          Are they too large? If they are too big, it could mean that your product may not be very high on their priority list, which could mean not getting good volume breaks and make it harder to get changes done quickly.

·          Are they actually a middleman? It is very common for companies to sell products others make. We want to deal directly with the factory that manufactures the product.

·          Are they easy to work and communicate with?

As you can see, finding the best suppliers is not as easy as a web search and a phone call. We want your product to be successful, so we put a lot of energy into finding the best supplier for you.

Look out for our next post ‘Step 3 – Initial supplier visits – part 1’

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