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3. Searching for your new suppliers

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We probably don’t need to say it, but there are a lot of suppliers in China. A LOT. And many will not meet your standards. Which is why it’s easier if we search for you.

Initially, we will search online in China using a Chinese search engine rather than an English one (such as Google) which provides much better results. Once we’ve identified a selection of approximately 10 – 20 suppliers, we will contact them through WeChat and QQ, two of the largest chat platforms in the world. Most Chinese suppliers will use these platforms to communicate. We use it daily.

When we’ve established that a supplier is worth pursuing, we will initiate email conversations and phone calls to discuss broad features of your product without disclosing your intellectual property. We will indicate that we want to send them a NNN agreement (see this post for more info) to protect your product before discussing further. Once we have an agreement in place, we will pursue further detailed discussions with more details and product drawings, etc.

Continued in our next post ‘Step 2 – Searching for your new suppliers – part 2’

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